What Is The Best Day of The Week to Resign From Your Job?


best day of the week to resign

Life is too short to spend it doing things that don’t serve you. It’s important to use your life and your time wisely, and that includes professionally.

Leaving a position of employment is something that everyone will likely experience. And there are many reasons as to why someone would leave their job.

Whatever the reason, you’ll have to put in your resignation, but what is the best day of the week to resign? Is there a best time?

Here are a few tips on when you should put in your resignation no matter what type of job you’re leaving. 

What Is The Best Day of the Week to Resign From Your Job?

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Choosing when to resign may be stressful, especially if you’re trying to leave on good terms. While you should always put in your resignation as soon as possible, it’s always a good idea to time it appropriately. Firstly, always be sure that any new employment opportunities are locked in before resigning from your current position. 

Once you have your new adventure set and ready, it’s time to resign. Always give your boss at least two weeks, and be sure that you’re kind and courteous in your resignation letter.

The best day of the week to resign from your position is either Monday or Tuesday. There are many good reasons why these two days are the best days to resign, including things like:

  • Assuming that you’re giving two weeks notice, it makes it so your last day of the week can be on the end of the week on a Friday
  • It allows your boss to accept the news without ruining their weekend.
  • HR should be in office to help start the process of your resignation paperwork, or a potential counter offer 

Note that if you need to calculate two weeks notice from your resignation date, we have an article that walks through how to calculate two weeks notice.

What Days Are The Hardest for People To Quit?

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While Monday and Tuesday are often the best days to quit or resign from your job, it seems that later in week are the worst. Friday is usually the hardest day for resignations, because it could put a damper on the weekend for those remaining. It also makes it difficult to begin preparing for your leave, as most businesses will take weekends off, especially with hiring activities. 

The longer you wait in the week to resign from your position, the harder it is on everyone involved. Fridays usually have less HR staff available, and don’t allow for the smoothest process when it comes to resignation. To allow everyone time to prepare for your leave, and to make sure that everyone required is present, it’s always best to resign earlier in the week. 

Should I Give Notice on a Friday or a Monday?

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While you should always give your resignation as soon as you’re sure you’re leaving. You should also try and resign earlier in the week if possible. It’s also important to give your boss an appropriate amount of time to find your replacement, usually at least two weeks. If you can’t give two weeks, try to give at least 5 days, or one working week. 

When choosing between Friday or Monday for resigning, it’s best to choose Monday. This is for various reasons, but they all fall under the umbrella of making your resignation easier on everyone to handle.  

When you resign earlier in the week, it makes it so your boss can adequately prepare, and also accept the information without the weekend being right on top of your resignation.

This is always the best choice whenever possible and will make your resignation go much more smoothly.

This is important, as you may need to use this place of employment as a reference in the future, so make sure that you secure a good one by resigning in a courteous and  thoughtful time frame.

What Time of Day Is The Best To Resign?


Choosing the proper day to resign is important, but the time at which you resign could be equally important. On top of choosing Monday or Tuesday to resign, you should also consider doing so during the last hour of your shift. This allows you to have your resignation meeting, and then leave work, without any extra awkwardness for the rest of the day. This gives everyone time for the news to settle before the next morning. 

However, some people prefer to resign earlier in the day, if they don’t fear any awkwardness or upset for  the rest of the day. Both options are valid and fine, with most people opting to resign at the end of a Monday or Tuesday to keep the peace and let emotions settle before returning to work again the next day.     


Everyone will likely have to resign from a job at some point in their lives.

Whether you love your employment or not, sometimes new opportunities come along, and you’ll need to resign to move on to bigger and better things. Making sure that you put in your resignation properly could go a long way, especially if you need to use this employer as a reference in the future.

Be sure to be kind and courteous, and always resign in a manner that is thoughtful to others.

By resigning early in the week, you’ll be doing just that. Be sure that you provide your boss with time to process the news, and always thank them for the opportunity and time working for them.

Most of all, enjoy your new journey and your new opportunities!

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