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How to Ace an Interview: A Step-by-Step Process


Ultimately, landing the job you want is going to come down to how well you do in a job interview. And that can be good and bad. It’s bad in that many people hate interviewing and get nervous about the  process. But it’s good because there is often a pretty low bar for delivering a good interview. And because so many people don’t like and don’t properly prepare for interviews, if you just...

How Long After a Reference Check to Get a Job Offer?


A reference check is frequently one of the final steps in the job interview process and can often mean that a job offer is on the way. But how long after a reference check does typically take to get a job offer? And what does it mean if you’re being ghosted by the interviewer after your reference check? This article will answer those questions and others around how long it takes after a...

I Feel Like Quitting My Job Every Day: What To Do


Your job is an incredibly important part of your life that impacts you in many ways. And if you are not enjoying your work, it can cascade into other areas like your general mood, relationships, etc. So if you don’t like your professional situation and you find yourself thinking “I feel like quitting my job every day,” then it can be tempting to want to make a change as soon as...

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