Apology For Not Attending An Interview


apology for not attending interview

When you’re seeking employment, it’s important to be punctual and to always keep your promises.

When you fail to attend an interview, you may be wondering how you can apologize for this, while also possibly redeeming your chances of being hired.

There are a few methods to apologize, and it should be done as soon as possible.

Read below to learn more about how to issue an apology for not attending an interview.

Reasons For Not Attending An Interview

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When you miss your interview, you should immediately begin crafting your apology as soon as you can.

While it’s fine to be slightly vague, especially if your reason was highly personal, it’s still a good idea to give some reason for not attending your interview.

Some commonly accepted reasons for missing an interview include:

  • Death in the family
  • An emergency of some type
  • Sudden illness
  • Technology failure/break.

Some unacceptable reasons for missing your interview include:

  • Overslept or forgot
  • You didn’t feel like it
  • Were late in traffic/too busy

It’s important to keep your appointments. While things happen sometimes, it’s important that you only miss your interview when you really have no other choice.

When you realize you’re going to miss the interview, always try to contact the interviewer at least 20 minutes before the start time to let them know that you suddenly can’t make it.

Be sure to act politely, and ask for a rescheduled appointment. Once you’re able to, send a formal apology explaining more about why you missed your interview. 

How to Apologize for a Missed Interview

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There are many ways to apologize for a missed interview that are deemed acceptable. The most common and preferred is via a formal letter or e-mail. Alternatively, you may wish to call the interviewer with your apology, which is sometimes preferred and viewed as more personal.

When you craft your apology, it’s ideal to include certain aspects. For instance, you’ll want to open with a proper introduction and a short apology, then you’ll want to go into the reason why you missed your interview. Finally, you’ll close the apology with a reiteration of your sorrow, asking for a rescheduled time. 

Express your regret, and be sure to always be polite, courteous, and apologetic. Make sure that your interviewer knows you’re still very interested in the position, and that it won’t happen again should they give you another chance. 

Apology Email for Not Attending Interview Template


You may use this template to help craft your own apology letter when you’ve missed an interview. Be sure to add your personal details to make the letter more sincere and appropriate. 

Dear (Name),


I’m writing you with my sincerest apologies concerning my missed interview on (day and time.) While I normally am very punctual, I, unfortunately, had to miss my interview due to (give your reason, expanding as much as possible.)


I want to reach out and thank you for your time and consideration thus far. I deeply regret our missed appointment and want to again extend my deepest apologies. I would appreciate it if our meeting could be rescheduled. I’m very interested in the position, and if given the chance, I wouldn’t let this happen again.


I hope that this mishap hasn’t ruined my chances, as I would love to become a part of your team.


I want to thank you again for your kindness and time, and I hope to hear back from you soon. 


All the best, 


(Your name)

This template can be edited to suit your personal form of speech and can be filled in appropriately to match your particular circumstances. 

Apology For Not Attending Email Phone Script


While an email is a great way to apologize, a phone call is often even better. This template can be used to help guide your apology phone call or can even be modified as an email. Make sure that you speak clearly, and always call at an appropriate time. 



How are you? 


I’m fine, thank you. 


I’m calling to apologize for missing my interview on (date and time.) I’m normally very good with making my meetings, and I understand your time is very important to you. 


I had to miss the interview due to the fact that  (reason for missing your interview).


I apologize greatly for missing the interview, and I wanted to reach out and personally thank you for all of the time and consideration you’ve given me this far. I would really appreciate it if you’d still consider rescheduling our meeting, as I’m very interested in the position and I would hate for this unfortunate happening to ruin my chances. 


If you’d agree to an interview, I’d be sure to make it on time in the future. 


I’m very excited about hearing more about the position and possibly joining your team. 


Again, I’d like to apologize for my absence, it certainly wouldn’t happen again. I’d also like to thank you for your time again, including the time you’ve taken to speak with me today. I appreciate it, and I sincerely hope to hear from you soon. 


I hope you have a fantastic day. 


Thank you, goodbye. 

This template could be followed loosely to help guide you through your phone call. Remember, any apology is better than no apology, and it doesn’t have to be exactly perfect to be received well. 


Looking for a job is sometimes stressful, and meeting appointments isn’t always as easy as it seems.

While it’s very important to make your interviews, it’s also likely that sometimes you’ll miss an interview due to circumstances you couldn’t control. When this happens, it’s very important to not only notify the interviewer that you’ll be absent but to apologize later.

You may choose to write your apology or to call and apologize. It’s best to apologize within a day or two of your missed interview. 

Use the templates above to help guide your apologies. Going forward, always try to make your interviews.

You only get one first impression, so make sure it’s a good one and ace your interview.

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