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How to Find What You Love Doing: 3 Excellent Methods


A common struggle that I hear from people that are trying to find their best fit work is that they don’t know what they really love doing. They are frustrated that they lack passion. And in many cases feel like the things they enjoy aren’t good uses of time, or at least can’t be applied to any sort of work context. Those types of feelings often are expressed from folks that...

Ikigai: What It is and How It Can Help You Find Meaningful Work


Ultimately, we are all want to find meaningful and fulfilling work in our lives. The question is what does that look like for us. And the Japanese concept of Ikigai provides a fantastic framework to helping you discover your own best fit work. Throughout this post, I’m going to introduce the concept of Ikigai, discuss what it means, and then dive into how it can be used to help you find...

Meaningful Work: What it is and How to Find It


A sense of meaning, fulfillment, and purpose is something that we all crave in our lives. We want to make an impact. We want to help others. And we want to feel like the world benefitted from our presence. For many of us, our work seems to be the context of our lives where a desire for meaning most often manifests itself. And it is unfortunately an area where many of us feel like we’re...

What Am I Good At: A Process for Figuring It Out


One of the top struggles that people face when trying to figure out what to do with their lives is discovering what you’re good at. In many cases, people will think that there’s not much that they’re good at or that they’re just not that special. But the fact is, pretty much all of us are good at something. And have skills that we don’t realize that we have. In many...

I Don’t Know What Job I Want: A Process for Figuring It Out


Answering the question “I don’t know what job I want” is a difficult but important endeavor. Your job choice not only dictates what you earn financially, but also what you spend much of your time on and who you spend it with. In addition, we as humans are wired for contribution, so your job can have a significant impact on the level of meaning and contribution that you feel...

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