Resignation Date: What Does It Mean?


As you’re getting ready to put in your two weeks notice and leave your current role for another company, you will run into different terminology. You’ll see language like resignation date, termination date, job ending date, or similar. To that end, this article is going to define what the term “resignation date” means and answer some related FAQs.  Resignation Date Meaning...

5 Essential Rules to Resign Professionally


Resigning from your job is an emotional process for all sides. It’s a big life transition for the person leaving the job and is challenging for the employer as they now need to find a quality replacement. Ultimately, when you’re resigning from your job, you want to do it professionally and leave on good terms. And it’s in your best interest to do that for a variety of reasons...

How To Tell Your Manager That You’re Quitting


Deciding to quit your job, whether to work for another company, start your own business, or just to take a break from work can be an exciting time. However, it is also a time that can be filled with a lot of nerves. And one of the most common things that people are nervous about is how to tell their manager that they’re quitting.  To help you navigate what has the potential to be an...

Should I Take a Lower Paying Job to Be Happier?


A very common question from job seekers on forums like Reddit and Quora is centered around how they should prioritize stress versus money. Folks will often ask if they should leave a job that they enjoy for more money or if they should leave a job they hate for less money. This post is focused on the latter case, and is written to help people decide if they should take a lower paying job to be...

Scared to Quit My Job: What to Do


A way in which I try to help people that are trying to discover their best fit work is by answering career questions on Reddit. And one of the most common questions that I see across career-related subreddits (r/jobs, r/findapath, and r/careerguidance) is people feeling scared to quit their jobs and asking what they should do. To help address that question, I’ve provided a list of the most...

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