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Pending Job Offer: What Does It Mean


If you’re in the midst of an interview process, you may hear the term “pending job offer” from a recruiter or hiring manager. And depending upon the the context and whom they’re referring to, that you could mean good or bad news for you as the applicant. To that end, this article is going to define what the term pending job offer means, and answer related questions about...

How to Respond to a Job Offer: A Step-by-Step Process


Receiving a job offer after a long interview and application process is an exciting accomplishment. And once you receive a job offer, you’ll want to ensure that you respond to it with professionalism and care. The way that you initially respond to a job offer can dictate how much time that you have to provide a formal acceptance or decline of the offer, the way that you approach...

How to Evaluate a Job Offer


Evaluating a job offer is an imperfect science, but it’s one that’s important to get right. To help you in that process, this article provides seven criteria that are important in evaluating a job offer. The criteria are largely inspired by the book What Color is Your Parachute, which lays out key factors for job satisfaction in the Petal Exercise. After walking through those...

Should You Take The Job Offer or Wait for Something Better?


Choosing whether or not to accept a job offer is an important decision. Your job has a massive impact on your life and accepting the wrong offer can have some serious negative implications. On the flip side, if you pass up on a great opportunity, you could find that you’re looking back in a few months, or even a few years, and kicking yourself for what could have been. In fact, in Daniel...

Got a Job Offer But Have Another Interview: What To Do


If you’re in a situation where you received a job offer, but have another interview with another company, you’ve got a good problem on your hands. A good problem in the sense that you have received a job offer, which is fantastic. And that you may potentially receive another one on top of it. If that’s you, take a moment to celebrate your situation. However, you are still in a...

How to Tell a Potential Employer You Have Another Offer


To start, if you’re reading this article, congratulations! It likely means that you have at least one job offer and are interviewing with another organization. That’s a fantastic accomplishment, and one that you should be proud of. That said, it also creates the awkward situation of trying to coordinate the timing of two job offers so you can make a decision with as much information...

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