Relieved From Job: What Does It Mean


relieved from job

There is a variety of different terminology that describes losing your job. You could be fired, laid off, let go, relieved from your job, etc.

And with all of that terminology out there, it can be confusing to know what they all mean.

To that end this article is going to unpack the term “relieved from job” and describe what it means.

Let’s get started.

What Does “Relieved From Job” Mean?

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The term relieved from job means that a person’s job duties were taken away from them and that they were removed from that position. They could have been terminated form the organization entirely, or just moved to a lower level role.

In general, a personal is relieved from their job due to a superior’s lack of confidence in their abilities to perform the duties of the position.

That lack of confidence could come from a lack of ability to perform the work. Or it could be because of problematic behavior (i.e., showing up late, unethical practices, etc.) that were performed while on the job. 

Note that the context in which the term is used is important for a proper understanding here as well. There could be instances where you hear a person referring to a replacement showing up to take over their shift (relieving them from their job), which would not mean that they were terminated from their position.

Is Being Relieved From Job The Same Thing As Being Fired?

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Being relieved from a job could mean the same thing as being fired if the person was completely terminated from the company. However, it could be different if the employee was just moved to a lower level role. In the latter case, being relieved from a job would be more similar to a demotion.

In both cases, a superior is removing an employee from their job and taking away their responsibilities. However, when somebody is fired, they’re terminated from the company completely. Whereas being relieved from a job means that they could be terminated completely, or just moved to a different role.

What Does Relieved of Duty Mean?

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The term relieved of duty means that a person’s job duties were taken away and they were removed from their position. The specific term “relieved of duty” is most often used in a military context.

Note that relieved of duty and relieved of job mean the exact same thing. It’s simply that the term “duty” is generally used when being referred to a person in the military that was removed from their position.


Hopefully, this article has helped to clear up what the term relieved from a job means.

If you’re concerned that you may be relieved from a job, check out our article on the most common signs that your boss wants you to leave.

And if those apply to you, get ahead of it, be proactive, and get out and start looking for a new position.

If you’re already been relieved from a job, know that it’s not the end of the world and you can go out and find a position that’s better suited for you.

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