Do You Have Reliable Transportation?


do you have reliable transportation

A question that you may be in on a job application or in a job interview is whether or not you have reliable transportation.

To that end, this article is going to unpack what it means to have reliable transportation, why it’s important, and answer other common questions around reliable transportation and jobs.

What Does It Mean to Have Reliable Transportation?

Reliable transportation means that you have a means of consistently getting to work safely and on time.

Why Do Jobs Ask if You Have Reliable Transportation?

Jobs ask if you have reliable transportation to ensure that you have a means of consistently showing up on time to do the job that they hired you to do.

Why is Reliable Transportation Important?

Reliable transportation is important because it provides the means for you to be physically present for your job.

Not having reliable transportation makes it more difficult for your employer to be able to rely upon you because they can’t be as confident that you can get where when you need to be, when you need to be there.

What Is Considered Reliable Transportation?

In general, any means of transportation that will consistently get you to work safely and on time would be considered reliable transportation. 

That could be any of the following means of transportation:

  • Your own vehicle
  • Public transit (bus, subway, light rail, etc.)
  • Walking
  • Bike 
  • Rideshare

Means of Transportation on a Job Application

A potential employer may put a question about “means of transportation” on a job application. If they do so, they are simply wanting to confirm that you have a reliable means of transportation and they want to confirm what that is.

Also, note that there are certain types of jobs where having your own transportation could be important. Typically, those are jobs where you need to travel between worksites, or other locations, as a primary job duty. If that’s the case, the company may want to confirm that you have your own means of transportation.

Regardless, simply answer the question honestly and put in your primary means of transportation on the job application.

What Does It Mean to Have Your Own Transportation?

Having your own transportation means that you have continuous access to your own vehicle, whether by ownership, leasing, or some other means.

Can a Company Require You to Have Your Own Vehicle for a Job?

A company can require you to have your own vehicle if a primary job duty of the position is to travel between worksites or other locations. See here and here for external references to support that point.

An example of a job where a key requirement would be to travel between worksites would be something like a house cleaner, where you may need to clean multiple houses on a particular day. Having your own vehicle would be important for you to travel between those sites and fulfill those duties expeditiously. In that type of a scenario, it would be reasonable for an employer to require you to have your own vehicle.

How Do You Answer a “Do You Have Reliable Transportation” Job Interview Question?

Truthfully and with specifics. Ideally, you will inspire confidence with your answer and show that you can make it to work when you need to on a consistent basis. 

Here are a few examples of how you can answer the “do you have reliable transportation” question, depending upon your mode of transportation:

  • Answer #1: Yes, I have my own car.
  • Answer #2: Yes, I actually live very close to the office and can walk there in less than 10 minutes.
  • Answer #3: Yes, there’s a bus that picks up one block from my house at 7:30 each morning. It will drop me off right in front of the office at 7:55 A.M.

I Need a Job But Have No Transportation. What Do I Do?

If you need a job, but don’t have a mode of transportation, there are some different options that you can pursue:

  • Find a position where you can work remotely
  • Find a position in close proximity to your home so you can walk or ride a bike
  • Purchase an affordable vehicle
  • Take public transit

Taking public transit or riding a bike are going to be your most affordable modes of transportation. However, keep in mind that they will limit you to jobs where your work does not require you to go between job sites or other locations. If you need a position like that, you will need your own form of transportation.

Here is a video from Firm Money that provides some additional tips and options for how to find a job without transportation:


Reliable transportation means to have a means of consistently getting to work safely and on time. It’s an important requirement for doing many jobs. In order to get a job that requires you to work in person, reliable transportation is something that you’ll need to have figured out prior to starting the application and interview process and, hopefully, landing yourself a job offer that you’re excited about.

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