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About Best Fit Work

At Best Fit Work, we work to balance practical career advice with pushing our readers to think about the role that they want work to play in their lives.

Our practical career advice comes in the form of our career services, including interview prep services with experienced hiring mangers.

On top of that, we look to challenge you to think deeply about how you want to approach your work in the broader context of your life and values. And we do that mostly through our writing.

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Topics We Cover

  • How to discover your best fit work, find your path, figure out what to do with your life, or get unstuck
  • Job interview and transition advice
  • How to excel in your work and career

Meet Our Management Team

dan slocumDan Slocum — Chief Editor, Founder

Dan Slocum is the pen name of the founder of Best Fit Work. Dan has worked in the corporate world for over a decade and offers lots of practical advice for finding a job and building a career.

More importantly, Dan has intentionally tried to seek out work that he enjoys, that aligns with his values, and enables him to serve his family and help others. Dan is taking that intentional focus on finding his best work and looking to inspire others to do the same through this website.

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