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About Best Fit Work — Our Story

Bestfitwork.com is the definitive resource for people who want to discover and thrive in their best fit work. What is your best fit work? It’s the energy that you put forth to produce the good that you want to produce in the context that you want to produce it. 

Our founder, Dan Slocum, created this website after developing his own process for figuring out his best fit work. He created his process after realizing he was going down a work path that would not have ultimately created the life he wanted for himself and his family.

As Dan was developing his methodology, he discovered that many people struggle with similar challenges — either following a career path without critically evaluating the role they want work to play in their lives, or getting so lost in the myriad of possible career paths that they get stuck in analysis paralysis.

That’s why bestfitwork.com was built — to be the ultimate guide to helping people discover and thrive in their best fit work.

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Topics We Cover

  • How to discover your best fit work, find your path, figure out what to do with your life, or get unstuck
  • Job application, interview, and job offer navigation tips and tricks
  • How to excel in your work and career


Meet Our Management Team

dan slocumDan Slocum — Chief Editor, Founder

Dan Slocum is the pen name of the founder of Best Fit Work. Over the course of his career, Dan has worked as a business professional for over 10 years. He started at his first company as an intern in college and then went on to to be hired full time. From there, Dan worked as an individual contributor and was promoted to people manager roles over the course of his career. Through his experience, Dan has learned what an effective job application looks like, how to interview well, and how to excel in a professional work environment.

Additionally, Dan has been able to develop a healthy work life balance, and create his own unique process for discovering the role that he wanted work to play in his life.

Dan is now taking that background and skill set and sharing his learnings through Best Fit Work, while also serving as a mentor and career counselor to others.

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